Convert TO STEP using PRO Version

Hello Everybody,
Is it possible to export/convert skp files to STEP, using PRO version?

this topic I found already in the community but answeres were old, maybe there is some update as I bought 2019 version.

thank you
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It is not (yet) possible to export a SketchUp Pro model directly to STEP.

Take a look at this page to see which export options are available.

I have read that a number of SketchUp Pro users use FreeCAD for the conversion of STL -> STEP.

thank you for your prompt answer, I will try FreeCAD then, hoping that the double conversion (to STL then to STEP) doesn’t lose informations

Because the desired output must be an STEP file.
SketchUp can not (yet) make this export.
Therefore an extra step is needed and that could be with FreeCAD or other software.
There is only a chance that data will be lost as a result of these multiple conversions.

Never mind. I’ll withdraw from this.

Another workflow would be to import the file into Rhinoceros (you may have to save it to an older SketchUp format) and save from there as STP. Rhinoceros costs more than SketchUp Pro, but it has support for a legion of 3D formats. It has a 90-day trial with full features.

I collaborate with a team using Dassault systems for 4 years now and we share info in .step files. After trying several methods (Simlab .step importer works well, but no exporter available) I have settled on converting using Fusion360 as the go-between software. Depending on your circumstances there is a free version available and it is capable of importing and exporting in a wide variety of formats. Most things come through the process well. F360 is a powerful platform , but I still convert to Sketchup to work quickly :laughing:

You may also want to try using MoI. Very clean translation from STEP to SKP.