SketchUp to Layout Scenes not Loading Correctly

Newer to using layout here. I did floorpans for a house in my neighborhood. You can see in the model below that there are 4 pairs of diagrams (historic 1st and 2nd floor, modern day 1st and 2nd floor, future option A 1+2, and Future option B 1+2).

Here’s a photo to make it easier

I followed this tutorial: Turning SketchUp Scenes into LayOut Viewports - Skill Builder - YouTube

What I want to accomplish:
In SketchUp I set a scene for each diagram. I would like to have a 4 page document in Layout that features two scenes side by side on each page. One page for the historic pair, one for the modern day pair, etc.

What the problem is:
Problem 1: the scenes aren’t loading properly. Basically each scene is showing the exact same image, despite having selected a different scene for each model.

Problem 2: The several features are missing from the SketchUp model including my windows and side of the house staircase

As you can see in the image below, both images are showing the historic layout for the first floor, despite the second image (right) having the historic second floor scene selected.

Share your LayOut file.

Your last screen shot shows that you’ve modified the Camera settings from the ones set up for the scene. That modification overrides the scene in SketchUp. If you did that for one viewport and then copied it, no matter what scene you select for the second viewport, that scene’s Camera properties will not be used. Clicking on Reset will fix that.

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