Sketchup to KMZ 4MB takes too long to import into Google Earth

Hi there

Sketchup to KMZ 4MB takes too long to import into Google Earth

What would you suggest to make this work

How can I fix this

Maybe there are things you can do to your SketchUp model to reduce the file size. Purge Unused as a start.

If it’s still too long, you might need to contact Google and see if they have some solutions to make imports faster.

Hi Dave,

I can turn layers of geometry detail on/off on my 22MB Model

With everything on as I want to display it the KMZ is 4MB

With most detailed layers off in the SketchUp model my KMZ amounts to 100KB (imports no problem)

so im wondering what the max alowance limit is and wait time from a gaming note book


So it sounds like you need to find the balance of detail and loading speed in GE.

I don’t know the answer to your question about “max allowance limit” or “wait time”. I expect you’d need to talk to someone at Google about that.

Thanks Dave

hoping to find a plug in to convert to smaller detail size?

Oh. Why didn’t you say so?

Goldilocks might help by reducing large texture image file sizes.

Polyreducer might be useful to reduce polygon counts.

Goldilocks focusses on finding too high-resolution textures specifically for a given view point of a scene (Adam makes walk-throughs after all). Close to the camera a higher resolution is allowed than far away, and for a different side of the model different texture resolutions would be optimal

For analyzing uniform texture resolution (without considering view points), one can also use Texture Resizer (and optimize them at the same time).

I believe the constraints of Google Earth are rather with too much geometry. Besides Polyreducer you should consider making a simplified version of the model without details like door handles or bevelled railings.