Downsize Model For .kmz Export

Hello. I am using a .skp exporter for Revit to bring my models into sketchup for export to .kmz for google earth. Google Earth takes a long time to load the models even without doors, windows, gutters and anything on the interior of the house. I am down to just walls, roofs and topography. Anyone have tips for getting these models compressed? Thanks.

It seems likely that there is just too much geometry in the model. What does SketchUp Model Info Statistics say about the number of edges and faces?

Turn on view hidden geometry in SketchUp and see whether the import from Revit has produced a lot of triangulation of faces. If so, you may be able to simplify the model with one of the various cleanup extensions that merge coplanar faces. It may also be possible to simplify overly complex objects by redrawing them.

Try running Thom Thom’s ‘CleanUp3’ extension to remove duplicate faces, edges, etc… You can also look into extensions like ‘Skimp’ or ‘Transmutr’ that both allow for reduction of geometry…specifically the terrain/topo. Artisan has a geometry reduction tool as well but may not perform the same way as say Skim,p does.

And +1 to @slbaumgartner’s note about checking edges/faces in model. What is your current model at now? That will give a good gauge as to how much more reduction may be needed in order for things to run smoothly.