Advice for Exporting to Google Earth

I am modeling the Boston Marathon finish line in 3D using Sketchup Make to create models and Google Earth to share with other team members. Some of the models are very large. I have a 19 row scaffolding-constructed bleacher model that has rough 830,000 faces faces and 230,000 edges. I also have eight copies of the same tree (components) that need to be included. These account for 250,000 faces and 92,000 edge. I used CleanUp3 to reduce the size of the models but the lag time for people looking at them in Google Earth is still atrocious.

I’m looking for other advice on how to reduce the size of these models to a minimum. Will purchasing SketchUp Pro help? Under Export, it references “Get Pro 3D Exporters…” and I’m not sure what that means.

Much as I’d like to to purchase Pro, no, it will not make a difference: Pro adds many more exporters, not a magic reduction in size. Plenty of modeling experts here that can possibly give you hints on how to reduce that.