Downloaded KMZ not loadable in Google Earth

I just uploaded a geo-located model of a building. The SKP file uploads fine, but the created KMZ will not load in Google Earth. However, if I create a KMZ directly from Sketchup it loads fine. Comparing the 3DW version of the KMZ with the Sketchup version, I notice the former is 6 kbytes larger (8352 to 8346). That additional data is apparently rendering the file uncongenial to GE.

Anyone else had this prob, or know of a solution?

The model is here:

I just updated Google Earth, and it crashed mine, too. Investigating…

I just uploaded a revised version of the model. No changes that should affect this problem. The new version has the same problem, but the Sketchup KMZ still loads fine.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


I analyzed all materials, and the only difference in my local kmz export versus yours was the pixel density, and that’s the difference between Mac & PC, so THAT’S not the issue. All other differences are VERY subtle, so I’m still not getting it.

What is the extra 6 kb?

There’s a bit more xml in the collada file. But I removed it, and it made no difference.