Google Earth Pro crashes when I load my Sketchup kmz file

Hi all, I have been trying to open this KMZ sketchup file in my local Google Earth Pro but it keep crashing. I tried with another smaller file and it works. But this file which is 3Mb does not work. Any clue on this?
Thanks in advance!
carpmael_3.kmz (2.9 MB)

I deleted the car located far-away and the chairs inside the building. And I added thickness to the ground around the building (or wiping it completely) and to the terrace in the console.


Thanks @mihai.s for helping! But may I know what is the root cause my model is crashing in Google Earth? After reading your reply, I went back to remove the chairs and cars but my Google Earth is still crashing.
carpmael_2.kmz (2.1 MB)

I opened both models that you shared in Google Earth without any closing, but the building didn’t appear until I made the changes I wrote to you about.

Try this file:
kmz-02.kmz (2.4 MB)

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I see… I finally got it to work after removing the remaining chairs. Thanks for that! Appreciate much. :slight_smile:

Do you happen to also know how can I capture a 360 or panorama view in Google Earth Pro?