Sketchup to 3DS Max (Movement Glitch)

I import terrain from Sketchup to 3DS Max but when I try to move the mesh in the perspective view of 3DS Max its not smooth it acts as if I have grid snaps on. All snaps are off and it doesn’t glitch like this in the Top, Front, or Right and Left views. Only in the perspective view and the further I zoom out the larger the movement snap glitch gets.

Any other 3DS Max file that doesn’t have import mesh from Sketchup doesn’t have this glitch. So the obvious question is don’t move the mesh once its imported into 3DS Max but the problem is any newly created mesh in 3DS Max the glitch remains.

I have used terrain meshes from Sketchup before from a version 2-3 years ago and didn’t have this problem.

What I’ve tried:
I tried importing the Sketchup files in 3DS Max different yearly versions
I tried exporting .3ds and .obj out of Sketchup and importing then into 3DS max 2016 and 3DS Max 9.0
I imported the mesh in 3DS Max and exported them out as .obj and then imported them back into 3DS Max but it doesn’t fix the problem.

I would have keep using the old version but the feature was disabled and it said I had to upgrade so I am testing the trial version of Sketchup 2015 and ran into this problem.

I can’t find a way around this glitch and I can not use the 3DS Max scene once the terrain mesh is imported.

I’m sorry that I can’t help much about the problems in 3DS Max. Perhaps you can ask this question to 3DS MAX community?

why posting that you have no clue what’s going on?

…there’s no gain in doing that.[/offtopic]

that was my polite way of saying “go to 3DS Max forum”

Maybe I should have phrased that better.

besides, you didn’t really contribute to his topic either. I do not appreciate your attitude.

as a reply to your not helpful post and tagged accordingly.

thanks in advance for avoiding this in the future.

Must be one of the most pointless complaints i have ever seen in a forum.

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I agree that contacting 3ds could prove more productive.

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