Problem with Autocad 3DS file imported to Sketchup and viewed on Google Earth bouncing

I have exported a Vectorworks building into 3DS file and then imported into Sketchup. I have then brought in our local town geolocation and then viewed in Google Earth. I have terrain turned on

First of all, when I Geolocated the building on the surface of the earth in Sketchup, it imported floating in the air in Google Earth. I then relocated the building underground and it shows up better on Google Earth BUT as I move around the building in Google Earth the building popups up and down about 10 feet.

I have imported other 3DS buildings from the 3D warehouse and they worked fine.

Any help on this is appreciated.

Basically my mind is blank, but what comes into it is the extents of the model. All kinds of OpenGL or DirectX display problems start coming up when a model is either large (miles across) or situated far (miles) from the model origin point.


I’ve had same problems, even models made in sketchup, when exported as kmz and imported into google earth, they bounce and dance around. It seems to happen only in the new google earth environment, if you use legacy version, it doesn’t happen, but then stuck with older models.

The model that I imported is of a 6 story condo attached to a 2 story townhouse so not very big. I have only pulled in about 1000 ft x 1000 ft from Google. Here are a couple of snapshots. The first building shot is about 10 ft higher than the second which was taken by rotating the screen in Google Earth.

I made a gif of my similar problems. It’s entertaining at first to see my models dancing up and down…


That is definitely the problem as I see it!

Does anyone from Trimble or our Sketchup Community have advice on how to stabilize these popup models? :smile:

So after chatting with a few members of my team - this problems seems to be something on Google Earth’s side. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can really do at this point. :pensive:

Thanks for reaching out!

Yea, I’d post here Google Product Forums and see what they think the issue is.

Thanks for trying. :slight_smile:

Thanks Barry, I will give this a try.

I haven’t a clue about how to fix the problem.
Then again, if you were to add an appropriate musical soundtrack, no one would ever guess its a bug.
The Bunny Hop (1953)