.3ds Model Export into SketchUp Sporadically Spaced?!

Normally most of my work is done in SketchUp and then later imported into 3ds Max where I do the remaining of my modeling and rendering. However, this time I need to take some of my 3ds Max models and import them into SketchUp.

From what I have read the primary way to export a 3ds Max model and import into SketchUp is to export as a .3ds Model and import that into SketchUp. The export and import into SketchUp itself is successful however once imported into SketchUp the what was once a grouped model in 3ds Max is now sporadically spaced in SketchUp. This is quite annoying. I do not have the time to keep moving each individual piece back to where it belongs.

I have included some pictures. If anyone could please help to explain to me the proper way to import these models into SketchUp??