SketchUp thinks I'm an Organization and not an individual... and its driving me mad

Hi there wise SU users

I am a new to SU and only have a student licence whilst I learn the ropes. Somehow I have been incorrectly cast as an organisation rather than an inidividual user and this is affecting my ability to easily access folders and collections in the 3D Warehouse (the menu usually on the left hand side is not visible to me as an organisation??) this means I have to go searching manually through the warehouse to find my folders.

Does anyone know how I can label myself back as an individual? Not able to do it through the settings in Trimble.

As a student I am unable to get technical support either so it is making it challenging for me.

Thanks so much I would love to hear from you if you think you might know hot to help me.



Hi Elisha! Can you log into 3D Warehouse and copy the URL that comes up when you click your persona icon in the upper right and then click “My Content”. I can look at your account settings from there and fix anything that may be out of order.

Thanks Guz that is really kind of you.

I just attempted to copy the URL but couldn’t see anything - sorry bit of a ludite here will have to wait until my son is home and can assist.

I would love to get this resolved so appreciate your offer of help and will come back to you.


Hi Elisha! So, we discovered that this is a bug that was a bit tricky to reproduce, so hats off to you for finding it. It appears to be related to 3D Warehouse access from within the SketchUp application. If you can try logging into 3D Warehouse from a browser, it should work as expected. Let me know if you find otherwise.

Thanks Guz

Yes thanks it works from the browser. Will use that for the time being and look forward to the bug getting resolved down the track

Kind Regards

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