Help, my account has been converted to an organisation

Hi. Im new.
My account has been converted to an organisation. And all my models has been moved from my personal page to the organisaton. How do I move them back? (Or move them from my personal page to the organisation?) Not all my models belong on the organisation page!

I also have problems uploading new models from sketchup directly to 3D-warehouse. I can only upload to my personal page and not to the organisation page. I cant update existing models in the organisation via sketchup either.
It gives me a lot of extra work when I have to upload and update the models on the organisation-page only from the website, and not via sketchup.

@TheGuz can you help? Reffering to Move models from ORGs to my account with a similar problem…


problem already solved by TheGuz.

Thank you for support!


Hi Veronika! I can help. Please send me a DM and I’ll gather some info from you. I can move models between Org and User accounts but at this time it’s all-or-nothing. It will take me about 15 minutes once the migration gets kicked off.