Move models from ORGs to my account


how move models from ORGs to my account? I don’t need and don’t want Organization profile. Where is option to edit my orgs or delete it? I want only my account and all models there.

I can’t find it. ORGs is useless for me, because models can not be private there.

Loosing my money with this all mess. Guys. Who is responsible for all this ?

Have you tried emailing directly at I know @TheGuz was responding in your other thread.

Yep. I’ve tried. Waiting for answer. Hope this issue will be fixed soon.

Actually, they can be private but if you have no interest in promoting your products in 3D Warehouse I can definitely switch you back. Give me 15 minutes.

Please switch me back. I have second license and second account for promoting - at this one need all private. Just please switch me back and I’ll be very happy :slight_smile:

Hey nosfe! Apologies for that mix up. I think at some point, in the past, this account was converted to a Verified account which was then converted to an Org. All of your models have been moved to your personal account. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Now everything is working. Thank you. It was long trip. Thanks!