3D Warehouse and the move to Orgs (models missing? what's going on?)

Hi everyone! I wanted to touch on a topic that has come up recently. This only affects users who were previously tagged as a Verified building product manufacturer (had a little blue check next to your name). The confusion is usually brought to my attention when I read statements like:

  • All of my models are gone!
  • I just uploaded some models but where are the rest of them?
  • I upload directly from SketchUp but the uploads show up in my personal account not my business.

What you are seeing is a side effect of our new Orgs feature. Before I get into it, let me reassure you that your models are not gone and there are easy ways to make sure all your new uploads go where they need to.

First… Why am I an Org now? At some point you may have noticed that your 3D Warehouse account was a bit different. Your uploads showed up in the “Products” tab instead of the “Models” tab. Your profile image was a square instead of a circle. You gained a little blue checkmark next to your name. Your maximum upload file size doubled and a list of other differences. These differences showed up because at some point our curation team had determined that your account represented a building product manufacturer, service provider, or merchant. There was one important feature that was missing and that’s the ability to add contributors to your account so that other members of your team could review analytics, contribute and organize assets, add and or remove contributors. All Verified building product manufacturers (BPMs) had their accounts converted to Orgs to allow for the additional functionality.

How are Orgs different that what I had before? Well accounts that were converted to Orgs are now essentially TWO accounts. You have your personal account, usually referred to as “My Account” in our menus, and your Org account. Having an Org account means the assets belong to the Org. If the administrator leaves, the organization can easily add a new administrator without losing any of their work.

How do I make sure my uploads are going to the right account? It’s a matter of changing context. Anywhere you see the “My Account” drop down menu, you can click on it and select the context.
If you are a modeler who contributes to multiple accounts, be sure to select the proper account.

Can I upload from SketchUp Desktop to my Org? This feature is not active yet. You can choose a different context, but as of today you cannot upload to the selected account. We will let you know when we have added this functionality. I might suggest using the web-based interface for now. You also have access to the bulk upload / management tools if you are uploading up to 50 items at a time.

I just uploaded 50 models to my account and I meant to upload them to my Org’s account. Can you help? Yes. If you have uploaded a large number of models in the wrong context you can send me a DM with a link to your User account and your Org account and ask to have them migrated. I’ll take care of the rest.

Nice, but can you move just 30 of those models to my Org and leave the rest on my personal account? No, I’m not a magician. Hehe, I kid. The migration function is all-or-nothing. I cannot select specific models to move between accounts / contexts.

I hope that clears things up! There’s a little more info in a recent blog post ( https://blog.sketchup.com/article/3d-warehouse-the-migration-to-orgs )

What if models that where set to private aren’t downloadable anymore?
Should they be in folders, instead?
A lot of (classic) companies shared one general email to have access to those private set models, what’s the best approach for these ‘Org’s?

Hey MikeWayzovski!
Models set to private should still be private and downloadable by members of the Org. Each user that needs access should set up their own 3D Warehouse account and the email that was used to set up their account would need to be added to the Org. To see where users are added see the second half of the blog post.

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In our warehouse of our company we had one account as MikeWayzovski said and also the models where private but we can’t download the models anymore. We can’t do anything to the models. I have been told the models should be moves to a folder in the ORG. Is there some way we can do this? Or maybe al the models can be moved to another account? Please help!

Hi Jacqueline! I may be a matter of selecting the correct context. Look for the blue box that says “My Account” and see if you can switch to your Org context. You should be able to access everything from there. If not, send me a DM with your email address and a link to your 3D Warehouse page and I’ll take it from there.