How do I move my account to Organization Profile?

Hi, I’m finding rather difficult how to do this. I work in a company that has 3D models for our products and would like to change my account to an Organization/Company account, so that we can share our catalogs and products.

How do I do that? I already sent an e-mail entitled “Make us an Org” for , I don’t know but I didn’t recieve an answer, what do I do now?

Thank you very much for the help.

Is your profile correct in that you are using SketchUp Free (web)?

How long ago did you e-mail the 3D Warehouse?

Hi, thanks for the quick answer.

About the Sketch up free, i set up this setting because we hire people to model our products, our company don’t really use sketch up, we have the account purposely for our clients use our 3d models.

So, I sent the e-mail in april 12, 2022. Since them, i’m waiting for an answer.

We might bring in some weight by pinging @TheGuz
My guess is a full mailbox…

Thank you, I’ll wait. About the full mailbox, i’m not sure about mine, since i’ve been recieving e-mails normally. Checked the spam mail too.

Please don’t post your e-mail on a public forum. It is against the forum guidelines, and open to spambots to harvest.

Hi jnzaffiri! We could definitely help with this but, there’s a catch. We’ll need about a week or two before we can begin account migrations again. We’re upgrading some systems so that these migrations can happen more quickly. So, give us just a bit more time to get things put in place and team will be back in action.

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Oh, thanks about that. I’ll keep in mind

Thank you @TheGuz , I’m checking if there’s change in the account, should a resend the e-mail asking the change?