Change email address on 3d warehouse edit profile

How do i change my email address within the edit profile page of the 3d warehouse
I can change my name but the email address will not alter.

Since accounts are tied to emails, you can’t. We are discussing migration ideas between accounts, so your input appreciated on how you’d like to see it work. But understand the security issues from our point of view.

Has anything been done about allowing users to update their profile email address?! I found a notice saying something about the email is associated with the Google Account used to sign in or something. I’ve gone into Google settings and changed notification emails everywhere I can to eliminate a dysfunctional old email address but can’t get it rooted out to the point where it changes it in my Trimble Account User Profile. Please tell me you understand how crazy it seems to users that they’re unable to edit one of the most common elements in their user profile? All the communications: downloads, likes, notes of appreciation, EVERYTHING coming out of the fantastic Component Warehouse gets shuttled into an old, lame, stale dysfunctional email account because of the inability to change the most basic element. Talk about buzz-kill for ‘social’ activity in the Warehouse!

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If you want us to migrate your account to a new account profile and email address, contact support.

An account migration would be an acceptable solution so I appreciate the recommendation. I looked through options on the Contact Us page and wasn’t sure which route to use. Can you give me the most the phone number for the most appropriate person/department to contact? Thanks again for helping me to negotiate through this issue!

Support in English is here:

Hi Barry… I previously visited the link you sent but wasn’t sure which link to follow because none of the options lend themselves to ‘account migration for SketchUp Make’. One is for Pro only and others take me to a ‘store’ or something that isn’t functioning. Is there a more direct way to contact the appropriate support department? I’m sure it’s a simple process once I get to the right gatekeeper so I appreciate your help here…

Hi Matt. Can you send me your full name and email in a private message and I will look into it? Thanks!

Hi Caroline
If this email gets to you as a ‘private message’ let me know and I’ll send
the requested info… sorry I can’t tell from the reply address is this
will end up in the forum or only in your inbox.
Thanks in advance for the offer of help!

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you have one from me with this gif again…


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Hi caroline i can also not find my way to change email adres in 3dwarehouse

Hi Peter. Caroline is not with SketchUp now. If you PM me the current email address and the new address you want to use, I will migrate your content. You will need to have a new 3D Warehouse ID using the new address in order to migrate the content.

Hello Peter,

That would be super!

Current mail:


Just made the new account!

Met vriendelijke groet,
Peter Tan

Thanks Peter. The migration is in process and will be complete in a few minutes.

We have been added to organizations , but hte content is now on
Dexter Lighting, private account:

Dexter lighting, Organisation:

How can i change this?