3D Warehouse Account issues


I created my 3D Warehouse account years ago under Google ownership, with a gmail address (Google ID). With the rollover to the Trimble version of the warehouse, my account is only accessible under my old Google ID. Unfortunately for me I now use a new Google ID and Chrome refuses to let me sign in to the 3D Warehouse with any other ID. I am left having to use a separate browser just to sign in to the 3D Warehouse. When I go to Edit Profile im told I cannot set a new email address, etc.

My request is for the option to unlink my 3D Warehouse account from my old Google ID, so I can instead login with an email and password of my choosing.

Thanks -Ben


Have you tried switching off the autofill/autocomplete (not sure if this is the name of the function) in your browser? Do you still have a problem then?


For some reason Chrome simply won’t allow me to use my old Google ID to login because a new 3D Warehouse account was automatically created for my new Google ID when I tried to sign in B/. It’s not too much trouble to use a different browser, I just don’t want to have to keep using my old email just for the 3D Warehouse. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to change my account type from a Google ID based one to a Trimble account by changing my email address.


Yes, accounts are tied to emails and are not editable. We’re not the only ones on the internet to do that, and we do it because it’s too easy for trouble if we don’t. If you would like to fix this, please contact our tech support.


Okay, so where do I do that? I’ve looked everywhere on the 3D warehouse, the Trimble website, the only contact details I can find are sales or tech support for Pro users. Is this where I should go; https://help.sketchup.com/en/contact/technical-support ?


Yes. <Post must be at least 5 characters>


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