3D Warehouse basic instructions

I have not to date created or uploaded anything to 3D Warehouse, and I’m not finding a lot of knowledge base info on just basic functionality.

My biggest questions are around account and screen name etc. Can you have a 3D Warehouse page that isn’t just your personal Trimble login? I’m working on creating a YouTube channel, for example, that has a specific purpose besides videos of my kids, etc.

It looks like you can sign in with Google, or you could take any email address and use that as a new Trimble ID. Once you’re signed in you have empty content pages. I didn’t go further and test if I could upload models with the newly made account, but I think it would work.

Yes, you can have many other accounts, provided that you have access to the associated email for activating the Trimble account or If you forgot your password. (If you forgot your email, you need to contact someone from the 3D Warehouse)
If you have a subscription, you are automatically signed in Into SketchUp and you can claim credit in the model info before uploading. If you have a classic license, you can easily choose another account and keep using pro.

Having signed in with Google, which I think I want to change anyway, especially as @MikeWayzovski describes, I just don’t see any option to pick a screen name. Even this very forum allows you to pick a screen name that’s different from the email account used to sign up for it. I’m looking to use a screen name that relates to my forum screen name and YouTube channel name.

Top right on your warehouse page is an avatar, like here on the forum, click that to get to setting, edit profile etc

Click your avatar then 3D warehouse settings


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That’s what I’m looking at. I can change the profile picture, the country, the industry, interests, but the email login is just a given and no option to change a screen name as such. Maybe it’s just something that comes with the Google login?

Click the Av, then My Public Page then Settings.
Or as Ian has shown, My warehouse Settings.

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Ah, getting there. I was on some other “edit profile” page, probably for my over all login. Very confusing.