Sketchup texture when exporting to other 3D programs

Hi everyone. I am having problem. Done the model in sketch 2016, when downloaded into Lumion the whole model loosing textures, basically all the textures I have uploaded. the colour texture I’ve used from sketch library are there. Please could someone suggest, why is that? What should I do? is it the way I upload textures to sketch can be different ?
I do it as jpeg files. Thank you in advance. Masha

Are you applying the textured material to the front of a face.
Applying it to a group or component instance will give unexpected results.
Also applying it the back of an incorrectly oriented face will often result in it being missed out [most renderers only process the front-face].
View your SKP model in Monochrome mode, using a distinctive back-face color in the Style.
You should see no backs, just fronts.
Do this as you model and re-orient incorrect faces by selecting them and using the context menu to ‘Reverse’ them.
Then apply the textured materials to those…

Some renderers have a linked material library.
Ensure what is in your SKP is reflected in the equivalent renderer’s materials…

look at your skp file in ‘Monochrome’ view, are they reversed?

upload the skp or a screenshot in monochrome…

Tig’s fast today…

I would also check how you added the jpgs. It could be that you have added them as images rather than textures and they aren’t being recognised.

Hello! I haven’t used Lumion for a while but if I remember correctly, you need to export SketchUp as .DAE Collada file. If the textures are missing you can reassign them manually. Here’s a video from Lumion’s official YouTube channel about the procedure of exporting and importing:

Architectural visualization with Lumion: Import a SketchUp model