SketchUp 2024, Lumion 11.5

Hello everyone,

I use Lumion 11.5 in the office to render our SketchUp models.

Normally, textures from SketchUp are transferred wonderfully and you can adjust a lot of things very well with a few settings. Recently, however, Lumion has been “shooting up” many textures so that they are no longer usable. Do you have the same problem?

I suspect that it is due to SketchUp 2024 or the combination of the new SketchUp and the “old” Lumion version. Can this be solved somehow?

Many of the textures we use are not available in Lumion; I can use my own textures, but I can no longer rotate them.

Many thanks for tips

Im having the same problems with 12.5 and yes its because the older versions are no longer supported. I can get around some of the issues with importing the texture into Lumion but sometimes the sizing still isn’t right and it is a faf.

I also cannot rotate textures and any Jpegs I have in SketchUp all come out as black and white in Lumion.

Not a solution sorry, but I sympathise.

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