Sketchup Tag Color UI Issues

Hi there,

Any reason why the Sketchup Tag UI is so small? I can hardly click on the color sliders or type in values.

The same for me with sketchup 2023 on my windows 11 machine.

Hey I use 2023. I don’t know why it still shows up as 2021.

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We have seen that issue, but I can’t remember if a fix for it has been released yet.

There were several related fixes in 2023.1 and 2023.1.3. You could check to see if you are on 2023.1.3.

Yup I’m on the latest one. I don’t think it’s been fixed.

The latest will show as 23.1.340. You should get that update, it has some useful fixes in it:

Or you can use Check for Update from the Help menu.

It is confusing though, 23.1.314 does sound like it could be a 23.1.3 version. In the about box the last numbers refer to the build number. In this case yours is the 315th build of 2023, and the latest one is the 340th build.

great thanks Colin. I’ll update right away. Hope the plugins stay lol

Updated to the latest version and…

Still facing the same problem :frowning:


:bulb: Just an idea for workaround ( cant check it myself right now) :
Have you tried to resize the Edit Material window? (grab the corner and make it bigger … )

I do know that the problem was seen a few months ago, but I can’t find the bug report at the moment, to find out its status.

There is a good chance it’s connected to your display scaling. What do you have that set to? If you make it be a lower number, do you see more of the sliders?

I did manage to make the problem happen in 2023.1.3. Making the palette taller like dezmo suggested does make the sliders look correct.

I also tried in the latest internal build I have, and the problem doesn’t happen there, so it seems the problem has been fixed, just not yet released.




omg! It worked… lol
Thanks dezmo

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