Sketchup 2021 is worse

When I click in the Tags window to make a tag visible/invisible, or if I delete a tag, or do anything in the tag window, I then have to CLICK OUTSIDE the tag window to go back to my model. This is an update that is incredibly annoying.

Also, I’m working with a model in sketchup/layout that I created in 2020 and now am using 2021 with. The 2021 version appears blue in layout. When I went back to the 2020 version, it appeared correctly with the grey section fill in layout.

I’d like updates to make the software faster instead of worse.

Any advice or insights?

Yes, the focus thing is annoying, this started with extension panels some version ago.

for the section fill, I don’t know, can you upload an example?

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Black Waws Kitchen 4_30.skp (4.0 MB)

I noticed that the style wasn’t updated upon opening. And in the ‘In Model’ collection, no style was highlighted.
And there was a (temp?) ‘ref’ collection in the panel:

Might be related to the new fileformat.
Anyhow, it turned up grey for me (MacOs Big Sur)

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Quit your whining…that’s all I I’ve got.

Is this a Mac thing. Unless I’m missing something I don’t see this issue or at least if it’s there I’m not noticing it…?

Like Mike, in LO the style was ‘modified’ and needed updating.

Your SU model is super speedy for me but in LO there was more lag than I am used to.

I tend not to have such detail as there is in your model.
I’d want to have 2D representations of the appliances for example and those cabinet hinges don’t need to be ‘on’ in LO for many of your SU scenes…

If you’ve got multiple pages and viewports of that SU model and if you have auto render enabled then every time you manipulate a single viewport every other viewport in the LO document will render too. Add up all that rendering time and you can end up with some serious lag.

And you’ve got a replica of the island unit which I guess is not required for Layout…?

If you have nothing nice or useful to say, you are not obligated to say anything at all. Just wanted to share in case you never heard that. That’s all I’ve got.

Thanks Mike, I hadn’t noticed those things. I don’t understand the significance of the ref collection. Does that mean I did something to potentially create a weird style in my model? Could I have imported something that carried this in with it?

I didn’t know about this auto render, thanks!

Yeah your right. Apologies.

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Hey you dropped this :crown: ! :love_you_gesture: