Sketchup support BREP representation?

Does support BREP representation? Can I use the SU C API to convert SU model to BREP format?

BREP (boundary representation) is a file format for 3D representations. From what I have read (I don’t use BREP), there are similarities in support for vertices, edges, and faces which are the core of SketchUp modeling. That suggests it should be possible to write an exporter for SketchUp. Whether an app using BREP would correctly interpret the output I don’t know.

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Thanks, I also found the related classes or APIs defination from SDK
doc. But I am not sure if they can be translated to BREP, because i did not find brepbody or body class in it.

The SketchUp SDK won’t provide BREP specific classes, only ones for reading data from a SketchUp model. Your job will be to write the code that converts and writes out the data in BREP format. For that you will need to study and understand the format.

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got it. thanks steve.