May anyone help me output a .dae file from this .skp file?

When I try to export it every time, the SketchUp will not responding and I can’t output it. I need it for my school project so it is important. If anyone has output it, please send it to me:

The link to the .skp file:

You have a model with over 23 million edges

Basics of SketchUp at

Learn about:

  • groups and components;
  • the correct orientation of the faces, with the white facing outwards;
  • using tags for visibility;
  • do not download in your model everything you find in 3D Warehouse;
  • the size of models, both in number of edges and in megabytes. Look for low-poly models;
  • use Purge.

I found that I can zoom out and it will not lag, all moving and my PC are now smooth

A model that big might take many hours to export to DAE. While working, SketchUp would not respond.

Try exporting it by parts, and you put them all together on the software you’re going to import it from.

Ya, so I am doing my homework while exporting now
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May I use this method to increase the computer performance?

I find this online

You can try to see how it turns out, but taking into account that it is a project for school, then it would be better for you to learn to create those models, and not only that, to be effective in terms of size - low-poly (number of polygons/edges/faces).

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