How to convert skp files into a Mesh for rendering in Unreal



I am parsing skp files using SketchUp SDK in C++. I have been able to get vertices of a model but not faces or other things. I am confused how shall I be able to make a mesh just with vertices in Unreal.
Or am I missing something in between.
Can someone please help me in this . I don’t want to export skp to fbx and then importing in Unreal.


The C++ SDK is basically deprecated, and soon will be retired.
You should use the new C SDK instead.
There are examples included with the SDK. Have you looked at them ?

A quick look reveals that the SDK has a mesh helper object:


If you are keen on using c++ over C, then you could take a look st my c++ wrapper for the new Sketchup C API.

It is open source, and very much work in progress, but it may help (and you may want to help it).


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