SketchUp startup w/ Bitdefender

This isn’t an issue so much w/ SU, but I just wanted to relate to anyone who might run into this problem.

Bitdefender just updated and I immediately noticed a ton of problems, one of which is that SU stalls / slows to a crawl when starting up. It’s also affecting access to the SketchUp forums and multiple sites.

I know it’s the Bitdefender update b/c as soon as I turn the protection off, SU opens up normally and access to those same sites are restored immediately.

So, just FYI, don’t panic if you run into these problems.

Check if your antivirus program has the ability to whitelist running programs. I too have a antivirus program that thinks SU is ‘evil’ and wants to block it from running.

What I need to do every time a new version of SU is installed is r-click on the antivirus icon in the taskbar > Control Active Processes. That brings up a menu with options to block, monitor and allow all running processes.

It’s broader than SU. A large number of websites are inaccessible and I can’t turn on VPN w/o first disabling Bitdefender. Further, there is no ability to whitelist because it’s not an issue of blocking apps. There’s something in the latest update that is blocking online access – SU is checking online prior to completing startup, and that process is being blocked.

I’ve already checked to see if it was an issue of DNS, so it’s not a blacklisting of DNS.

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