SketchUp Skill Builder video: Applying Materials to Components


Check out the SketchUp Skill Builder video: Applying Materials to Components by our very own SketchUpper and Team Member @TysonK

Skill level: Beginner
Skill developed: Applying Materials to Components

Please try this Skill Builder and post here and exchange ideas, alternative methods for any given exercise or ask questions.

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SketchUp Skill Builder

A tid-bit to add for after you have applied the material or texture (wood grain,brick face ext.) Besides using the Edit function of the Materials drop down box. Select the part or item and open it and then right click on it. Then select Texture from the drop down > Position option. This provides 4 pins that each have different functions to help produce or modify the texture to your exact needs.

The Make Unique Texture also allows for some cool effects and using your imagination to add graphic effects to your model. Building off what SU already offers you, and some practice. Throw rugs, ornamental patio stones and pavers can be designed and stored as your own Materials. The attributes/characteristics of the selected item will be carried along as a Material to be applied. The 4 screen shots show process and control options. Some thing to play with and create somethings “unique” to your work and build from!! …Peace…


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post the first-ever actual picture of myself on the forum. That’s me on the left

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