Sketchup Shop (Web) - are there no camera tools?

I’m using the Sketchup Shop version (web edition 2021) - are there no camera tools for selecting Top/Left/Right/Bottom? It’s very difficult to accurately place objects when the camera is always in perspective mode.

While I don’t agree with this,
look in the Scene Tab of the right hand toolbar.

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perfect thanks! Not sure why they called it scenes here, camera would be more intuitive.

Modelling in perspective mode works 80% of the time, but there are often times where parallel lines don’t line up exactly and line areas don’t get filled as the snap to vertex may not have chosen the correct plane.

You do have control over that even in Perspective Camera mode. If you aren’t maintaining control over things like that in your model, it’s going to easily get away from you.


But for me that would be the argument Not to use Parallel Projection. You have more chance of creating edges on the completely wrong axis when looking at something in a forced flat environment.
But each to their own, what works for you is best for you.


I’ll just throw this in as an explanation and a warning to be careful working in Parallel Projection. It is too easy to think you have lined something up correctly when the software is distorting what you are looking at. This is an exaggeration but I have seen a great many floor plans that have this issue, but so small it is hard to find.
Don’t get me wrong, I know there are times when PP is useful, but we see a lot of people that work in PP all the time because they think of it like the four screen version which is a 2d way of working in 3d. Sketchup is a 3d environment and trying to use it in 2d has its risks.