Position Camera View in Parallel Projection Mode

I have done a video to help another here on the forum only to find that there may be a bug in the position camera when in parallel project mode. Notice the camera does not zoom in the video. This was the problem I was trying to sort out in a rendering program we are working on. let me know what you think. Here is the link

PS notice the camera zoom in on perspective mode but not parallel project view.

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Did you upload the wrong video? I don’t see where it illustrates the point you are making…

When I put the position camera Cursor on the ground and directed it to the house in perspective View the camera zooms. But there is no zoom when you do the same in Parallel project View. I understand what is going on. let me do a quick video. - YouTube

@kimberleydesigner, nice informative video.

A few things, not in order of importancy :wink:

  1. Healing a face (see 16:06+ in the video) usually only needs one traced edge in the perimeter, surely with a simple loop as in your example. SketchUp fills in the face and you are done. But I’m sure you know.
  2. I disagree with you that when working with a section cut it should leave the object’s entire shadow in position. The plane takes away one side if the model (or when inside a group/component, one side of the environment) so the geometry isn’t there (=invisible), independant of how you look at your model (camera position). Nor should invisible geometry’s shadows be there.
  3. you found a way to overcome not displaying the entire shadow. Mind you, parallel projection is something that doesn’t really exist in how we look at things. If what you are questioning/asking for: “zooming with the camera should also change its position like in Perspective mode”, then you couldn’t even do what you just did in the video, an inside overview (with shadows).

Select the “Look Around” icon and zoom in and out in both “Parallel” and in “Perspective” mode.
In “Perspective” mode the value of eye height in the measurements field constantly changes.
In “Parallel” mode it doesn’t.

I don’t see this unchaging camera position as a bug but as an advantage, see your example. Although the name of the action might be a bit misleading when comparing it with “Perspective”. Or is the name zooming in “Perspective” misleading?

Thank you for the video!

edit: “Walk” (Walk with the camera) isn’t available in “Parallel” mode, the camera stays in position. Unless you type in a differen value for eye height in “Look Around”.

Thanks Wo3Dan. I don’t agree with what I put on the video also LOL. Its just how I when about it on the hop. but the guy wanted full shadow to be seen. so I made the suggestion of using the position camera tool. and a work around for sections.
You may of answered my problem with your response.

A parallel projection view is independent of the position of the camera and it has no angle of view… The only thing that might happen when you move the camera is that the part of your model view that is behind the camera picture plane might get clipped away.


Just to let you know I have found the solution. But thanks for the help

And your solution is…?

I found variable I was looking for it was, surprise: height