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Hello all,

I have been using Sketchup free for a short while now. I have run into a problem, however, that I cannot solve on my own. I am trying to export a design from Sketchup to a dwg file type, for working with CAD software. I bought a subscription of Sketchup Shop in order to do this. I cannot export any file types other than the basic PNG and STL types. Any file type that was previously locked behind the Sketchup Shop paywall fails when I try to export it. I am given the message “We have encountered a problem during this operation” each time I attempt to export. I’m getting frustrated, as Sketchup is unable to assist me because I have only purchased their “medium tier” product. I’m hoping that this community, which seems so helpful, is able to also help me figure out this issue.

Other considerations:
I am scaling the image down by a very large factor.
The image should be entirely 2-D at the moment.
I am currently working on a Dell Optiplex 780, which I believe has the integrated graphics card “Integrated Intel GMA 4500”.

Thank you!

Unfortunately the only people that can help you are sketchup employees (they are all hands on deck to get this going) or those of us who have chosen to pay for the upgrade to learn how it works so we can answer your questions (crickets).
No doubt eventually it will all become clear.

Dear iSmith,

You are not alone. This happened to me three days ago. Had wrote to Sketchup but they only support Sketchup Pro users. For Sketchup Shop users, they prompted to me that they cannot locate my account number via the registered email address. Replied them with my account details, waited three days will no reply.

Cannot even export to Dwg till date.

Kind regards
Steve (from Singapore)

Email Support is provided to both SHOP and PRO users.
Are you still having issues exporting? I just tested the export functionality out of SHOP and it worked fine for me.

Also, I looked into our support system and I do not see a response from you with the account details. I will notify the support team who will be reaching out to you soon.


This is a VERY OLD and obsolete integrated Intel GPU that is DirectX 10 and OpenGL 2.0 maximum.
It is listed on this page …
… under the last section labeled “Older Graphics Products”. Your GMA 4500 was used in the GM45, GE45 and GS45 chipset of the Centrino 2 platform (Montevina).
All these products are beyond “end of life” and are no longer supported with driver updates by Intel.

This means you are likely to have problems running the latest WebGL browser applications.
(There was a parameter that could be passed with the URL to load SketchUp for Web using WebGL 1, but I cannot find it now.)
@jbacus ?

Do not scale DOWN. SketchUp has an internal tolerance of 0.001" and your vertices will become coincident.

You should do the opposite in SketchUp. Scale UP by 1000x, export, then scale back down inside the CAD application.

It is not generally true that scaling 3D objects down makes them 2D.

Did you hear back from the Support team? It looks like your emails were getting caught in SPAM on our side. I white-listed your email so it should get through now and the support team should be getting back to you.

Just to be clear, we do offer technical support for people who have purchased SketchUp SHOP through our contact form. Please contact us here: Support - Technical Support | SketchUp Help

Thank you for replying to my comment. Steve G is now looking into my issue.
Hope to get resolve soon.

Kind regards

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