SketchUp Shop Scene Feature?

I subscribe to SketchUp Shop. Formerly I used the Desktop 2017 version. Since subscribing to Shop, I’ve noticed that it lacks any commands for setting up scenes. Is this feature unavailable in Shop? I’ve searched all around for a way to find it, with no success.


Actually it doesn’t lack the command for setting up new scenes.

Open the Views panel and click on the + at the bottom to add a scene.

Scene Clacker icon, right side nav bar (… as Dave shows above.)

Don’t feel bad for not finding the scenes feature. One time I was at a client’s house and didn’t have my laptop with me. They wanted to know what something would look like if we did it a different way. Eager to close the deal I said. “Hey if you let me use your computer I can pull the model out of the cloud and edit it in sketchup’s web program.”
Biggest mistake ever. It was super embarrassing fumbling around trying to find all the tools. I accidentally found past in place.
I don’t know why they would make their web program an Easter egg hunt, for their users.
I feel bad for people that are new to sketchup and learn the free version then decide to upgrade to pro. Then the first thing the have to do is learn where everything is just to get back up to speed.