Sketchup Shop - How do you actually open the screen?

I purchased Sketchup Shop today after finding Sketchup Make 2017 wasn’t working well. Beginning to regret it.
How the heck do you actually open the screen to drawer? PLease, anyone who things they can help. I’m used to clicking on an icon on the screen and the program opens; as with Sketchup Make 2017.

SketchUp Shop opens as a page in your internet browser. Use the link to open the page and bookmark it for later use.

Hi DaveR
You’ve been very helpful. I’m regretting purchasing this ‘Shop’ version for £112.80. The function is not the same as the Make 2017 and tha’s free of course - oh, and works most of the time.
I began drawing and of course learnt from past experience and pressed the save button. I get a picture of a panda with the message “We are unable to retrieve your data please select “Retry” below to try again”. I continually get the same message.
I tries earching in their search box for “Save” and it isn’t in the menu.

What browser are you using?

I guess if you are really regretting it you can ask for a refund and cancel the subscription.

What is the problem you are having with SketchUp 2017 Make? Just that you can’t access the 3D Warehouse directly? What sorts of models do you create?

I am a retired cabinet maker, so of an age where understanding computer technology takes a lot of practice. I’d got used to Make 2017 and wanted to spend my time now designing furniture for my own home. I’ve never had a use for 3D Warehouse but some friends asked me to do a floor pan for a charity community centre so it was simply to put 24 6’ tables and chairs in a space. It seemed a good idea to import a 6’ table and simple chairs from 3D/WH.
I guess I got drawn into the fascination of learning more; not about computer problem solving though, just drawing.

So the only real problem with SketchUp 2017 Make is that the 3D Warehouse no longer supports it? Using your internet browser you can download the Collada files for the components you’re after and import the included .dae files.

Alternatively, if they don’t need to be detailed components you could just make quick table and chair components to use in the model.

Yes, I’d already drawn a tresstle table and was in the process of trying to draw a simple chair when I thought I’d see if I could download something from 3D/WH. I did try your suggestion of downloading an image direct from them. I found the file in downloads on my IMac but when I clicked on the file nothing happened!
I think I’l give up with the floor-plan. I’ll drawer it on a piece of paper for them - It’s cheaper.
I’m really dissapointed that I can’t just get on and drawer and save them.
That’s why I’ve used everything Apple Mac for years now. You click a button and you do what you wanted to do, not for ever trying to solve conflicts.
The only thing I am impressed with though is your kind help. So cheers…

When you download the component you need to select the Collada version.

It downloads as a zip file. After unzipping the file you’ll have a .dae file and a folder which contains the materials for the model.
Screenshot - 3_31_2022 , 8_37_02 AM

In SketchUp, then, use File>Import to import the .dae file. You’ll have to select the correct file type in the import window.

OK. Thanks for that. I’m going to write to Trimble and ask them to cancel my subscription and if they will refund my money. If that goes OK I’ll have another go at what youve written to me - or take up stamp collecting!

@colin at SketchUp may be able to facilitate that cancellation and refund. He’s a star. :slight_smile:

This would be the right form to fill in to ask for a refund: