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mi cuenta sketchup shop anual fue eliminada por la ultima actualizacion y me dejo por defecto una cta gratuita pro. ahora no puedo encontrar mis trabajos realizado.
si alguna persona sabe como puedo solucionarlo lo agradeceria mucho.

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My annual sketchup shop account was eliminated by the last update and it left me a free pro account by default. now i can’t find my works done.
If anyone knows how I can solve it I would really appreciate it.

Google doesn’t mind if you put extra periods in your email address. For example, alexis.15081 and alexis15081 would both get through to your mailbox.

Trimble does see a difference between the two. Your Shop subscription is under alexis.15081 and not alexis15081. Sign in using the alexis.15081 variation of your email address, and then you will see your models.

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