SketchUp shadows in Layout

Does anyone know of a method of “importing” shadows from SketchUp into Layout, in the way that TIG’s “45° shadows for Elevation” extension did previously ?

The only approach that I can think of is to copy my SketchUp file and reset the model North for what was the East & North elevations, adjust shadows, and then re-link those two elevations in Layout. Of course the shadows won’t be “true” for those elevations but it will better illustrate the options of which lap siding & other exterior trim to choose.

I apply the 45-deg shadow tool in Sketchup, save that scene (which also saves shadow settings) then send the scene to layout (or select it in layout using the Scenes drop-down menu)

Or you can record the time and date, and manually apply that in Layout.

But I also 45-deg shadows in Layout would be an excellent timesaver for all sorts of projects!

Best option would be to create scenes in SketchUp with the shadows set as you wish. Use those scenes for the viewports in LayOut. Don’t do anything to make the scenes show as modified in LayOut unless you want to create more work for yourself.

So, I take it that you’re in agreement that it will require making a copy of the SketchUp file [ re-orientated ] in order to add shadows to the East & North elevations that match the “natural” shadows on the West & South elevations ? Otherwise I can’t set similar shadows, in the spirit of TIG’s extension, for all faces of the building in just one SketchUp file.

I’ll check the wish-list for 2019 and add a request for the ability to set a separate North orientation per Scene, if that’s not already on the list.

TIG’s 45° Shadow setting is a per scene thing but the solar North setting applies to all scenes so if you need to change the solar north for different views, you will need to use scenes from different SKP files at least for now. I would make the needed adjustments and create or update the scene before using Save as… to save the file with a new name. then insert that copy of the file into LO.

The request for north angle to be a per scene setting has been made in the past. You could mention it again, though.

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