Sketchup scenes export with jittery, uneven linework

Hi. When recently exporting scenes, noticed the quality is off. The linework is jittery, uneven. Just way off. When my friend exports the same scenes from the exact same drawing, with same export parameters , her images are fine. I would love to know what’s wrong and how to fix it.

I am on 2020 M1 chip MacBook Air.

Thank you so much in advance!

What version of MacOS are you using?

Hi, it’s Monterey version 12.5.1

If you do a simple animation like this, how does it come out for you?

Here’s the SketchUp file.

NirajZoom.skp (65.5 KB)

I did my export on my M1 Max MacBook Pro, Ventura 13.2.

It’s very poor quality when I export. Jittery uneven lines. Nowhere close to yours.

Can you share your .skp file?

Hi, not sure if you received the link I sent over yesterday. I got a notification much later that the link may have not been posted.


I haven’t seen a link to your SketchUp file.

Just resent. Let me know if you get it this time. Thank you.

This is the message I just received, hopefully this gets resolved soon as I do need help please!

yes, it’s to avoir spam, since you just posted a link and nothing more.

I was asked to provide a link to my file, so I did.

Shall I resend it? And include a message?

It seems OK now. If you send new files, I understand this can be avoided by including a message. You can upload small files like this directly by dragging them to your message. The limit is several megabytes (16, I think but I am not sure).

Is your friend also using a Mac? Is the resolution the same? One thing that can make a difference is the selected Antialiasing option (Preferences>OpenGL). SketchUp must be restarted after you make changes to these settings.

I marked your earlier message as Not Spam.

The linked file is the same file I gave you, isn’t it? Did you post a link to your file?

I linked a simple animation as you requested. Mine is called Test skp. Let me know if you can figure out what the problem is. Thanks

The file that was in your Google Drive link is my file, renamed. What should your Test.skp look like? If it’s small enough, you can attach it in your reply. No need to post on Google Drive.

This is my file. I made exactly what your file was. Thanks

Test skp.skp (65.3 KB)

That would be why it looked familiar! Your file exports looking as good as mine did. Can you do your export and reply with the .mp4 file it makes?