Sketchup refuses to adhere to recently copied items from different skp file, when pasting

I am trying to copy the 3 bolts from the first skp file to the 2nd skp file, and it keeps pasting the corner brackets, an item that was first pasted from a different file.

I eve made a new file, and only corner bracket is still being pasted.

Not when I do paste in the same file the copy function is executed in, paste the intended stuff, i.e. the bolts/screws, instead of the corner bracket

3 bolts to copy.skp (7.4 MB)
Toe tri-ruler apparatus.skp (219.0 KB)

I can’t repeat this error with your files, but I’ve had a similar situation in the Pro version. I also did not understand why this happened. The only thing I can suggest if this happens is to check if nothing is selected in the second file before copying, if that doesn’t help, try saving the second file, close and reopen it before starting copying. It helped me.

By the way, you have copied 4 braces in the same place.

Ekrānuzņēmums 2020-11-23 182304

I went ahead and restarted firefox due to keyboard commands not working anymore.

After copying, I go to the 2nd file, and the ‘paste’ option is grayed out.

Edit: again sketchup abruptly stopped responding to keyboard commands. A google suggested taking a screenshot of the developer console.

The initial file was created back in 2018 and is showing the new and old logo together

After uploading the re-saved file to the warehouse, it overwrote a file I uploaded 2 years ago, with 20+ downloads.

Using insert at the upper right hand corner, then navigating to component on the right hand menu, seemed to have solved the problem

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