Imported CAD files not appearing when pasting in another SketchUp model

Hi, I’m running into issues trying to copy and paste components from one file to another. A part of the component disappears on the pasted file (I’m using CTRL C & CTRL V commands to copy & paste). When I select the component on this file, all the parts appear in blue as it should but when I deselect it or click something else, only some parts of the component are showing in black.

This component on the original file is actually an imported CAD DWG model. Could this have something to do with why it’s not appearing on the pasted file? If not, how can I make all parts of the component appear on the pasted file?

Pasted File.skp (197.0 KB)
Original File with Imported CAD component.skp (216.7 KB)

Change the style


You have the Edge color set to By Material and the edges are all painted. Edit the style to All same
Or remove the materials from the edges.

Ah, thank you both!

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