Sketchup refreshing windows Unexpectedly

I just recently upgraded my sketchup to 2015.
I currently run a 64-bit version of Windows 7.
I did not have this problem when running sketchup 2014.

Whenever I try to access my Sketchup files .skp my entire windows will turn black for 1/2 a second. Close all programs without warning, or an error message, and just leave me back at my desktop, with nothing open.
This occurs only whenever I try to interact with the sketch-up file. I don’t even have to open it for my desktop to refresh.
Even my mouse hovering over the file for a split second will trigger this.
Because of this bug I am unable to make copies of my files, or even drag them somewhere else. Simply hovering or interacting with the folder which contains any sketch-up file will trigger the same thing.

I hope there is a fix for whatever bug this may be.

There is a fault somewhere that I believe is being worked on that causes windows explorer to crash. It appears to be caused by thumbnails.
It’s not a solution, but you can stop it crashing by disabling two files called ThumbsUp.dll, look for them in the sketchup and layout folders. Just rename them to something you will remember so you can easily fix them if need be.
You will lose the ability to see .skp thumbnails in explorer, but it should stop it crashing.
You’ll probably need to reboot your PC

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