Broken SKP file explorer preview and thumbnails - finally found out what breaks it

We have about 72 designers working with Sketchup.
Over the last 2 years we had issues where certain users suddenly lose the Sketchup explorer thumbnails or previews for SKP files - no other extensions are affected.
No amount of Thumbnails cache resetting, reinstalling Sketchup (SKP 2022 latest in this case), register the SKPThumbnail.dll file, etc fixes this.

This seems to happen when an older version of Sketchup is uninstalled and a newer version is still installed.
Strange part is that this affects only OneDrive synced folders – NEW SKP files that are placed in the folders show the preview and thumbnails OK but only for a short period of time.

non-OneDrive folders are NOT affected.

Repairing or reinstalling Sketchup 2022 does not fix it.
(users are not ready for SKP 2023, this is scheduled for installation in 2024)

Any help with finally fixing the thumbnails and preview issues without a full user Windows profile delete and re-setup/


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