Thumbnails SKP Pro 2021

Good evening … I have on my desktop computer with Windows 10, I work with SketchUp Pro 2021, and I cannot view the thumbnails the file explorer…
What can I do?

It can be a bit fiddly to get this working properly.
First thing to do is ‘Repair’ your Sketchup Installation.
Find the installer.exe (or download a fresh copy) select it and right click and choose Run as admin, follow the prompts and choose Repair. Once finished check the thumbnails.
If that hasn’t worked you need to check the Default Apps and see what is set to open. Needs to be 2021, but there can be problems getting this to show.
Sometimes uninstalling an older version will kick things into place.
Or use the Open with option to select the right version and tick the box to always use…

I don’t know if it is a windows issue or a sketchup one, but it can be made to work.