SketchUp Preview in File Manager

I have the most up-to-date SUP and models cannot be previewed in file manager. It’s ok for the .SKB back up file, that previews fine but how do I get the SKP file to preview? I made sure the file opens in SUP2022 in the settings but still the same.

I have a models library and some show ok but when I open, edit then save, the preview is lost.

A real pain.

I would try this:
Check that you are running the latest maintenance version of SketchUp. Right-click on the SketchUp installer application and select “Run as Administrator” from the context menu. In the next dialog, click on the Repair button. When the process is finished, shut down and restart your computer.

Many thanks - will give it a try

is the installer the SketchUp.exe or something else? Tried that and it didn’t give me the repair button…

I mean the file you downloaded from the SketchUp webpage. Mine is called SketchUpPro-2022-0-354-126.exe.

I just have the SketchUp.exe file and it doesn’t bring up repair in the next prompt.

Download a fresh copy.

will do

Yes, still the same issue if I use the repair option. I’ll perhaps do a full download…

Still doesn’t work.

Any other advice please?


The best way to deal with this issue is a fresh Windows reinstall (not a refresh but a clean install), thereafter install only Sketchup 2022. Do not install any previous Sketchup versions as for some reason they take precedent in displaying their thumbnails over SKP2022.
Strangely uninstalling all previous Sketchup versions does not break the association with the thumbnails and SKP 2022 will still not display.

Thank you. Will try again.