SketchUp Pro work on MacBook Pro OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

Hi Everyone!
I have been learning SketchUp with the free trial which is about to come to an end on 06.03.21. I want to continue and happy to purchase the student version for a year but I have a very old MacBook Pro. It is currently on OS X Yosemite - unfortunatley, Im unable to update the latest OS versions as it corrupts my computer. Does anyone know if I can use the Student version on OS X Yosemite?
Thank you :blush:

Presumably you are talking about SketchUp Pro. The “student version” only refers to the license and has nothing to do with the the version of SketchUp. The current version for which they are selling licenses supports Mac OS 10.14 and newer. I believe support for 10.10 ended a few versions back and, as that version is no longer supported, they aren’t likely to provide a license. You might try contacting Customer Support and seen what options they have for you.

Thank you Dave for your response. I’m new to SketchUp as you see. Thank you for this information. I have contacted the Customer Support Team but I’m still awaiting a reply.