Install SketchUp Classic on MAC OS X Yosemite


I bought Sketchup Classic License and tried to install on my Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5.

I downloaded SketchUp Pro 2017 and tried to activate my license. The Authorization Code doesn’t work because my version seems to be too old.
Is there any way I can install SketchUp on my computer anyway? Thanks!


With what letter does the license number begins?

R.-…-… is version 2016
S.-…-… is version 2017
T.-…-… is version 2018
U.-…-… is version 2019

(I would like to say etc.etc. but there are only a few letters left in the alphabet…the end of SU?)

Each version is a seperate app that can run along side others, so each version has its own license info!

Thanks for your anwer.

It begins with U (2019).

When I bought the license I didn’t see any options to buy previous versions! Is there a way to exchange it ?

though not officially supported, you could run a trial version of 2019 and see if it works.
if not, you should contact support and ask for a downgrade.

FWIW. you could check if you could upgrade the Mac to Sierra.


If bought through a reseller, contact them.

Ok! I already used the trial version, can’t anymore. And I’m not sure which version it was…

I was worrying not to be able to use my other softwares anymore if I upgrade my Mac. I’ll ask the contact support for a downgrade, if not possible I’ll try Sierra anyway!

Thank you very much!

Even each version has it’s own trial period…

Ok, I’ll try if I can download it! Thanks