Sketchup Pro v. 2023 where to choose print quality = ultrahigh Definition

The new print msg box I cant choose print quality = ultrahigh Definition

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thanks for your reply, is it possible for me to backdate to the older version, as I don’t use the Layout module because it takes extra time when I make my offers.

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I don’t use layout because it takes too much time. 99% of the time I’m creating layouts for small commercial fit-up clients and need to flip a layout to the client. It may change several times in a day. The print functionality of the previous version was ideal, I could create prints quickly right in front of my client. This reduced product function is going in the wrong direction in my opinion.

Bottom line,… not a fan of losing this functionality.

As the price of the program increases, the functionality is supposed to increase with it, not decrease.

It actually is faster to set a document and get a better quality for printing or exporting with layout than with sketchup if you know how to use it.

I’m not sure but I think that the web version, which you can also use, still has the option for printing without using layout.