Restore Sketchup 2022

I updated to 2023 today, and I desperately want to revert back to 2022. Unfortunately, with the update, it seems to have removed any trace of the 2022 application from my computer. Is there any way to get it back?
I very frequently use the Print Setup function to print to scale. Please don’t tell me to use Layout. For my quick back and forth between modeling 3D and printing 2D it’s cumbersome for me. And, on deadline, I do not have time to troubleshoot switching over to a new method.

Is there any way to get 2022 back???

If you didn’t uninstall the 2022 version it should be in your machine. If you uninstalled it you can download the installer from this link.

THANK YOU, I didn’t knowingly uninstall but may have mindlessly clicked the option, naively assuming I’d have no issues with the update since I haven’t in 5+ years…