Sketchup Pro to Bluebeam PDF not showing volumes

I am trying to export a Blue Beam 3D PDF out of Sketchup Pro and find that the model does not include information for volumes (m3). Does anyone have experience with SU and its workings with Bluebeam?

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Can you update your profile with the correct SketchUp version Pro?

Just to confirm - can you get volumes from the components in SketchUp (are they solid)?

Yes, all parts of the model have been turned into components.

But does SketchUp show them as “solid”?

Solid as in showing volumes, yes.

Hi, yes all components were drawn on layer 0 and converted to components and are giving me volume output.

yes they are solid components with volume readings

yes it does.

updated my profile. yes they are solid components.

I have experience with 3D pdf export (but not Bluebeam) - are you sure Bluebeam is capable of showing 3D volumes?

yes, I have seen videos but the import was created using blue beam for revit plugin. however, there is a sketchup pro to blue beam pdf writer as well.

alternatively you may want try the SimLab 3D PDF exporter plugin instead, the trial allows 30 exports.

I have heard of this. never tried it. I will look into this. Thx.

This software does not give volumes either.

Why are we seeing two different user profiles?

probably because solids cannot be exported regardless of the format used => use a volume modeler instead.

Cause we work together, chill.

I’ll happily chill and go very cold on this thread.

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Sorry, this may help. In this video the speaker clearly references how you can import component data across multiple programs.

Check close to 23:00

I suspect that the majority of users here have little experience with bluebeam and it’s intricacies. And scrolling through to 23 min of an hour or so of a webinar is far from interesting.
Nobody has jumped out saying ‘Yes I have experience with Blue Beam’.
Perhaps it’s time to explain what you really need and we may be able to either show you how or point you to a more suitable software.