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whiteford Rev 2.skp (173.5 KB)

I have made a model based on the internal walls of a 2 story house (pitch roof on to a pitch roof). I have hidden lines, got rid of in the internal lines, I have tried adding and taking away some lines (dormer window and intersection of pitched roof), and when I make the component, no volume comes up. Any ideas of what else I could try please?

Any help greatly appreciated.




a few lines divide the surfaces

whiteford Rev 2.skp (179.2 KB)


Technically dividing the surface doesn’t prevent the component from having a define volume. However it appears that the edges selected to the right bind an internal face. If there are internal faces SketchUp doesn’t know how to calculate the volume. In this case there are two defined volumes, one inside the triangular prism and one for the rest of the object.


Thanks guys.

You can see on the separate top floor model that I did not have those lines in and it made a component. I cant seem to get the ground floor to make a component and when I add the two floors together (without those lines you have highlighted) the whole thing doesn’t make a component. I can’t see what is wrong with the ground floor and its a less complicated shape. Maybe there is a rogue line somewhere. Anyway to find that out with removing each line at at time?


If I take your uploaded file and group all three chunks of geometry separately (triple click > ‘Make Group’ in context menu), then the ground level group shows it has a volume. So does the first floor level group have a volume. (both groups are SketchUp Solids).
The combined geometry, when grouped, has no volume (is not a SketchUp Solid) solely due to the little internal yellow face inside the dormer. Either (in group’s editing context) delete one of the two unnecessary edges that bound this face (= to get rid of the internal face) or delete this face itself. Then it becomes a SketchUp Solid with a calculated volume.


Thank you for your help, I have it working now. I also discovered that when making the component the little man was also in my selection! Whoops.


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