SketchUp Pro on Laptop

Hi there.

My SketchUp package is ‘SketchUp Pro, Channel, 2 year termed contract’

I’ve recently moved to Dubai, all my computers are currently on a slow boat for 6-8 weeks. I have just bought a Surface Studio laptop. I have access to SUP on my desktop - currently on the boat. With this license, can I also download a copy on my laptop so I can start working again. All this sunbathing and relaxing is killing me!

I have no idea what 'SketchUp Pro, Channel, 2 year termed contract’ could mean, but normally a single-user license or subscription seat allow the same user to install and use SketchUp Pro on two computers.

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I don’t know, I think I would easily settle for the sun bathing and relaxing as a priority.


Remember, there are people who use Sketchup as a way of relaxation… :innocent:


Yes, you’re allowed to download and install on another machine.
While 6 or 8 weeks is longer than the 28 days of offline time that SketchUp uses to determine if you are allowed to fire up the App, it doesn’t sign you of automatically on that device.
This can be done in your account management portal or AMP, go to and select the product, click on ‘view included apps’ and then in the SketchUp app vignet, click om ‘Manage Devices’
This will reset for all (computer) devices.

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Hi Mike. If I deauthorize the SUP version on my desktop, currently on the boat, will it work when I fire it up later?

Technically, you don’t deauthorize the machine itself that is left on the boat in container xyz.
Deauthorizing means you reset all registered sign in’s or authorised devices at the Trimble Server.
(The Trimble server doesn’t know where your laptop is, nor can it contact it)
When fireing up the app, it checks the last loginsession files to compare with the servers. If you deauthorised it, it will prompt you to sign in again.
If there is no internet connection, it will use that info to check the period of not needing to connect (28 days or period left of the subscription)

Thanks for the response Mike.