Sketchup Pro on Acer I7 / Intel Graphics

I’m testing Sketchup Pro on my Acer I7 processor equipped with Intel Graphics Video Interface. Sketchup standard worked well with the already reported problems of conflicting coexistence with the Intel Graphics interface. Skethup Pro has a random behavior regarding the selection tool. Generally the first activation of Sketchup presents slowness in the selection tool, but the second and sometimes the third activation works perfectly. In my 35 years of software engineering experience (now retired) this seems like an uninitiated variable problem. I would like to buy two licenses, so I ask:

Is it possible to correct this problem?

Is there a discount in case of two licenses?

don’t try this at office. Avoid integrated graphics sub-systems (Speed, OpenGL support) with 3D modelers if you can.

meant Make v2017, recent Pro is v2018.

if the patch linked above doesn’t fix you can either:
• wait to evaluate SU v2019 (~2 month) or
• use the OpenGL-wise less demanding SU version 2016 (which also allows to disable the use of OpenGL) or
• downgrade to Windows 7 or
• buy a system w/ a decent GPU adhering to the system requirements (= dedicated nVidia GeForce MX/GT/GTX rec.).


I use Make 2017 on a Lenovo ideapad with i3 and internal Intel HD Graphics 520.
Never had any issues with slowness or anything else…
Offcourse it also depends on the size and polycount of you’re files.

depends on used intel HD series, driver version and operating system.

the integrated intel HD series is slow by design because primary intented for office/internet/video as well as a low power consumption for notebooks.

The script has fixed the problem. Thanks.
" wait to evaluate SU v2019 (~2 month)" → My 2018 Sketchup Pro expires in 13 days. I would like to evaluate SU v2019 if I had my license extended.
“buy a system w/ a decent GPU…” → I was trying a less expensive solution.


be aware, that after the maintenance has lapsed you do have a 30-day grace period to renew the maintenace without being required to pay the reinstatement fee of currently U$ 60.-.