Sketchup Pro imports an older version of the component I select

I am trying to import a component into one of my drawings. Each time I try to import this component, it imports an older version of this component instead of the newer edited version. When I open the component as its own drawing, the newest edited version is displayed. Has anyone else seen this before? How do I fix it?

Where does the file for the newer one reside? What about the older one?

The current component resides in a folder on my desktop. There is no older one, I have edited and saved.

What happens if you save it to a different folder and then use it from there?

DaveR, Thank you for your quick response to help me with this. I have discovered another thread from 2011 that had a step to try and it worked.

Very good. If it’s a component you would use more than once, you might consider putting it in a “library” folder so you can access it from the Components panel.